Mischievous News

Oct. 15, 2006

Wow, been quite sometime since this was updated. Where do I begin?? Well, that's just it, over the past year or 2 it has indeed been a new beginning for Liquid Mischief. After going through a few bass players and finally finding one that fits, yeah, it's a new era. So, we are pretty much starting over, with everything. New ideas, new venues, new songs, but, still the Liquid Mischief you all have grown to love.......just better. Right now, things have been quiet. I know you guys want some new show dates, we are working on that. There is a reason we havn't gigged in the past few months, we have been writing new material. We are up to about 7 new songs right now and working really hard to get about 5 more over the next couple months. We are working on getting some shows because we need money for studio time. This next CD is going to be a good one, you will definitly want this one in your collection. We hope to release it by spring of '07 and make it available at some local music stores. Keep coming back, there will be more news and some fesh new material on the wesite!

May 18, 2004

It’s been quite a while since our last update to the "News" section, so here is the newest addition - We've been slowly working on some new songs and are up to about four complete songs. We haven't been gigging, mainly, because we, as a collective group, have opted not to, especially with the way that some of the local bars and clubs have been jerking local bands around. Instead of dealing with these headaches, we figured we'd just work on our new music and let the other bands put up with the BS. After a pretty hard and heavy two years, we figure we could use the break from it all, but it is still really nice to get up on stage for our fans, like we did this past weekend after not being on stage for three months. There have been some developments over the last few weeks that will change the band, so I figure I should share them with our fans...Terry will be leaving the band in the next few months for other commitments and obligations and doesn't feel that he can justify the time and dedication necessary to remain a positive part of the band. He's given enough advance notice that the band can figure out what we will do and how to go about it. Chances are, there will be a search for a new bassist, but nothing has really been determined, yet. With the list of the band's cover songs on the website, anyone who may be interested in trying out for the band can learn a few of the songs. We will post contact information and requirements for the position in a few weeks. Terry will probably stay with the band long enough for the new band member to split some shows with him, until enough material is learned to pull a full night's gig. The band will go through some changes, but there shouldn't be any disruption in the band's activities.

February 9, 2004

Ok, time for another update, since it has been over two months. When the last entry into the "News" section was submitted, we didn't have any other scheduled shows for the rest of the year. We wound up with a last minute show of opening up for our buddies, Spivey Jo, on New Years, but over the last two months, we've pretty much just been working on new original material. The process is quite slow, this time around, because we want the music to be more thought out, a little more complex, and much more refined and polished. We have a new song called "Cycle" about 80 percent done with ideas for about 5 more songs being kicked around. We want this next CD to be full of more refreshing music that has its own originality in style and tone. It looks like this music will still be moody and dark, but with a more of a metal edge than the first CD, with some classical guitar being thrown in for good measure on at least one song. We are all really psyched about this new material that we are coming up with. We are still wanting to only do one or two weekends a month for shows and use the rest of the month to work on this new material. If all goes well, we should be debuting some new material for our fans at live shows starting in March or early April. Other than this, there hasn't been a lot of really newsworthy items happening to the band. Hopefully, we'll have more to inform you of in the next installment of the "News".

December 8, 2003

It appears that we are through gigging for the year. As a recap, we've had an excellent year. Here's a list of some of the greater accomplishments (in no particular order):

1) We've finished up our CD (Schizophrenic) - sold almost 100 so far.
2) Performed at 93.3 The Planet's Birthday Bash After Party with Blindside Seven.
3) Performed at the 2004 Buzzard Babe Calendar Search for 96.7 The Buzzard.
4) Was chosen by the Greenville News to be one of the "Xtreme Music" bands and were profiled in the paper.
5) Have had 4 of our originals on a local radio station and 7 listed for requests on an internet radio station.
6) Performed at 11 different venues.
7) Have a playlist right at 80 songs.
8) Met the band Ra and their manager.
9) Sold out of our first batch of T-shirts.
10) Increased our fanbase and recognition in the area
11) And...made some good friends with a lot of other bands.

I didn't list it, but I should say that the #1 most important accomplishment for the band is.....We're still together!!! LOL...We've been together over two years, and we are still going strong!.....Looks like we have a bit to shoot for to make 2004 an even better year. In the beginning of 2004, we will free up a little more time from gigging and plan on working on a new CD that will, hopefully, be released by the end of 2004. We are also looking into some other merchandise items, such as a new design T-shirt and maybe looking into updating our band's logo. We've' made a few friends in the "business" and are looking to gig with more bands during 2004 and start promoting our original music more. We want to start expanding on our "one" of the best cover bands in the area" to a reputation as "a band with some of the best original music you'll' ever hear". We feel that we have some pretty kick-ass, diverse, and likeable songs to offer people, and we are going to continue creating music that will be "Rocking Your Ass". Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped make 2003 such an AWESOME year for us!!!!

October 20, 2003

It's' been a very exciting month for the band. We're up to a total of four of our original songs being on The Planet's "Upstate Unsigned" with Smack Taylor. We really appreciate this show and Smack and what they are doing for local music....Music-wise, the band is casually working on new material and a couple of new cover tunes. We debuted the new original song "Dragging the Chain" at Brew's'the weekend of October 17th. People really seemed to like it. We've' got one more song, "Cycle" in the final stages of development and a couple more itching to be worked on...Gig-wise, the band hasn't played much, but we had a really fun time in front of a peak at almost 100 people at Brew's Friday, Oct 17th. We got Wade to run our lights for us, which cured a buzzing problem we had in the past, but also, we had our good friend John from Lockhart came out and visited. Also visiting us that night were Terry Green of Eastside Guitars and Drums and his wife, Gerri, to give us a little support. If you ever need any band equipment, definitely give Terry the chance to work with you. He's a great guy and will give you some really good bargains...On October 18th, we opened for Blindside Seven for The Planet 93.3's Birthday Bash After Party at Brew's. We hit the stage at 9pm and played for a continuous hour and twenty minutes. Everyone loved the music and were singing along with us during our show. Some other local bands represented with at last one member being present at the After Bash were Dropchord, Spivey Jo, Stickboy, and Mind Cycle. Paige, Marisa, Spooge, Mattman, and a few others from 93.3 The Planet were there rocking with us. An added surprise ended up being that the nationally-signed band, Ra, who played at the Birthday Bash, was at Brew's, also. Brian, our sound-guy started talking to a guy at the bar who had asked Brian about his association with Liquid Mischief because of our shirt he was wearing, and it turned out that he was Dodd, Ra's manager. He really loved our show and mingled with some of the members of our band for quite a while. Some of us also met some of the members of Ra...a bunch of great guys who put on a terrific show at the Birthday Bash. We gave some business cards to them and Dodd got one of our "Schizophrenic" CDs. It was said that Dod and some of the members of Ra went out to the parking lot to their car and listened to our CD and that they really liked our originals. As time flew with us socializing, we wound up going to our favorite after-gig eatery, the Waffle House, with Dodd hanging out with the band for a late-night breakfast. This was probably the most memorable evening for the band since we formed Liquid Mischief.

September 10, 2003

We have finally decided to make our CD, "Schizophrenic", available to the public as of September 5th. The CD has the 11 original songs on it that you can find on our "Music Samples" page. You can also purchase the CD through our "Merchandise" page. We have LOTS of ideas for a second CD, already, but we haven't been able to complete a song, yet. We will try to concentrate on more originals in the very near future...Within the last 8-10 weeks, we've added about 15 new cover tunes to our Playlist. We took the month of August off for a band vacation, but we still found some time to work on the newer covers. Terry took a ride on his motorcycle to Maine and Canada, Chris used his vacation to go to Boston, and Bryan and Cory took the time off to relax from the band (we haven'thad a vacation in almost two years!!!)...Our most recent show at Buffalo Joe's had a memorable moment…..At the beginning of the third set, three of Easley's police officers came into the establishment to do their weekly check for under aged drinkers, and whatever else, so...we broke into Green Jello's "The Three Little Pigs" while they were in there. It was hilarious. Terry and Chris had a difficult time playing the guitar and bass for laughing so hard...Looks like our regular venues are starting to dry up a little bit, so, we have hit the pavement pretty hard the last week while trying to find more places to play around here. We are also considering branching out to neighboring areas and plan on going to Columbia to try to find gigs there. Never, know, Liquid Mischief may come to a town near you!

July 21, 2003

Surprise!!!! We have all the music for our first CD completed....all mastered...everything! All twelve of the songs!!! Now, all we need to do is determine the artwork and send it off and get them pressed....unless we decide to just burn them ourselves and use our own insert work. We'll decide this soon. Other news, seems everyone has been letting the summer heat go to their heads. In the last six weeks, we've had three different venues cancel gigs and we had to cancel one. I guess we'll just have to work on some more cover tunes and originals. It's cool that we will now be working on our SECOND CD. Yeppers....just too kewl.....Kinda band related, Terry went to Nashville this past weekend for the Summer NAMM show and the 1st Annual Kramer Konvention (on Kramer guitars), and he had a great time and gave out a few copies of our CD. Interesting people he met while there were Dennis Berardi and Peter LaPlaca (founding members of Kramer guitars), Andy Timmons from the 80's band "Danger Danger", Seymour Duncan, Kenny Olson from "Kid Rock", and none other than DAVE MUSTAINE of Megadeth fame (ed note - sorry, I just couldn't contain myself. I HAD to let people know how cool Nashville was for these two events). Special "Thanks" to Eric Earnest at Abalone Vintage Guitars in Columbia, SC for making this happen for Terry.....Well, nothing else all that newsworthy. Give Smack Taylor at The Planet 93.3 a call at (864) 233-9393 and ask him to play one of our songs on the "Upstate Unsigned" show on Sunday nights. He now has a copy of all of our original songs, including "Chasing After You", which he's played a couple of time now. Thanks, Smack!.

May 22, 2003

Well, I figure it is time to update this section and let everyone know what the band has been up to, especially since Brian, our soundguy, was telling me it was time to update the site a little bit just last night. In the last two months, we have added some embroidered hats to our list of merchandise. They are some really nice hats and perfect for any occasion. On average, we are gigging more than we did last year, and we are having a blast! Looks like we have become a "regular" band at Brew's After Work and Late Night in Greenville with our third show in nine weeks scheduled for June 13th....Friday the 13th. hee hee.....We still would like to add two or three new venues and put them in a regular rotation....Ok, now for some good news....Earlier this month, we completed a four song ACOUSTIC demo and have worked on many of our regular songs acoustically. We are hoping to widen our horizons for gigging by opening the doors to several venues in the area that prefer acoustic bands. We've found out that a couple of our songs don't sound as well as we'd like when played acoustically, so we are planning on adding a few more songs. Electrically, we are going to try to add a few new cover tunes and start on more originals really soon. Yes, you read correctly, NEW originals!!! We've been hard at work on final mixing to our last 6 songs intended for our CD, "Schizophrenic", and we are down to finalizing our last two songs. We are hoping to have all 12 songs mastered within the next 4-6 weeks. Since these songs are almost complete, we have been messing around with many different ideas for new songs. One idea is loosely titled, "Wacky Porn". We are expecting to have many new sounds available for you at our shows in the coming months, so keep coming out and supporting us at our shows. We appreciate your support!

March 31, 2003

We've had a great past weekend with a Fri-Sat gig at Sugar Doo's/Wizards and had an absolute blast! Thanks to all our fans for coming out and supporting us during these shows. The management enjoyed us and we will be playing there again on August 1st and 2nd. After a long and LATE Friday and Saturday of gigging, we were plain wore-out when we played in the first round of the Grady Miller Victory Challenge at The Handlebar yesterday. We went up against three other really good local bands. The winner of the round was Vinyl Drive, and they put on a hell of a show and definitely deserved to win. Need to Breathe and Stone Martyr also put on some great shows. It was a pleasure to go up against these other bands and were glad we got to meet them, listen to their music, and watch their shows. We wish all of them the best of luck with their bands' futures. Also, representatives from Smart Alex, Blindside Seven , and Dropchord were there. It was good to see these other bands represented and giving us, the four bands playing yesterday, support. All these members of the other six bands were a bunch of great guys. We need more people and groups like these to help support each other. Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, no matter who you were there to support.

March 13, 2003

We've had a few things develop over the last month. We played for at the Blindhorse Saloon for The Buzzard 96.7 on "Buzzard Night". It actually went quite well, considering it is more a country/southern rock bar, but most of the people there were listeners of the Buzzard and came out just to see us. We played about a 50/50 mix of originals and cover tunes for the hour-long show. We had "Eclipse" on the "Upstate Unsigned" show on The Planet 93.3, again. We set up a gig at a new venue for us at Sugar Doo's/Wizards to be the 28th and 29th of this month. The next day after that, we will be playing at The Handlebar for the Grady Miller Mics and Bikes Challenge in the semi-finals. This is a cool Battle of the Bands, and we were hand-picked as one of the 24 semi-finalists out of about 100 different applications/press kits. We are just happy to have been one of the "top 24". We are still selling merchandise and still SLOWLY working on our CD. Thanks to all our fans for all the support they give us!!! You folkers rock!!!

February 6, 2003

Our first song to get radio play was "Eclipse" and it was on the "Upstate Unsigned" show on The Planet 93.3. It was pretty cool actually hearing one of our songs on the radio....Recently got in a new batch of promotional guitar picks with "Rockin' Robbie" on them, and we placed an order for more T-shirts since some of the sizes went pretty quickly.

January 22, 2003

We've been really busy these last few weeks. We had a KILLER show On January 11th with Spivey Jo at Ground Zero in Spartanburg...we finally went to South Eastern Sound Studios in Easley and had six of our songs mastered. That's half of our upcoming "Schizophrenic" CD!!! We gave copies of these songs to Smack Taylor at The Planet 93.3 for a weekly, local radio show that is to start on Feb 2nd from 11pm 'til midnight. Craig Debolt with The Buzzard 96.7 has put us on their website in the Regional Bands section. We have also added 7 more MP3 clips of original music to the music section of the website....We now have some T-shirts available with our new mascot that we call "Rockin' Robbie". We are hoping to have pictures of the T-shirts and have them listed in the "Merchandise" section of the website in the next day or two. Also on order are full-size bumper stickers and promotional, band guitar picks with the "Liquid Mischief" logo on one side, and our little buddy "Rockin' Robbie" on the other side. Looks like we are finally starting to get our act together with our merchandise. If you'd like something, you can order it through the website, or come out to a show and pick it up and meet the guys! We look forward to seeing you....and "thanks" for stopping by!!!

January 1, 2003

Happy New Year! This has been an excellant year for Liquid Mischief. We came in second in Buffalo Joe's Battle of the Bands, played at several different places, gained a lot of new fans and supporters, and even got our name thrown in some commercials ran on The Planet. We actually sold some merchandise at the New Years show, but it was only stickers and fridge magnets. We are still having difficulties with the graphics for the T-shirt. If not anything else, we may just opt for a black-n-white graphic for cost/graphics purposes. We are also getting really close to getting about half of our original songs mastered, so we promise we WILL have our CD done sometime this year. Everyone is itching to start working on more original songs, so we have some motivation. Thanks again, for all the support our fans have given us....THANKS!!!

November 25, 2002

We came in second behind "Southpaw" in Buffalo Joe's 5th Annual Battle of the Bands. It was definitely a learning experience and, at times, a lot of fun. We accomplished what we set out to do, which was get exposure and gain new fans. As a bonus to the BOTB series, we met some guys in some other really good bands. Spivey Jo is one of these bands, and we were supposed to do a New Year's gig with them at Buffalo Joe's, but they had another commitment arise, so they had to back out. We are looking forward to doing a gig with them someday. We don't have any plans, yet, for December, so we will use the time off to learn new cover tunes, try to finish mixing the CD, and we are going to try our best to get some T-shirts really soon. We just have to finish up the artwork for the shirts and find someone to print them up for us. If you've read previous "news" bits here, you probably noticed that we aren't the best at getting things done in any reasonable fashion.

November 11, 2002

We made it into the Finals of Buffalo Joe's Battle of the Bands!!! Fontaine put up a pretty healthy fight. They had more people out to support them than any of the two previous times. It was VERY interesting how even THEIR fans didn't listen to them when they were on stage. We were watching their fans sit there and talk and carry on, not paying them any attention at all. There was NO applauding after songs. For us, though, it was totally different. We must have had 25-30 people in a "mosh pit" dancing, singing, and cheering us on. Gave us a great feeling. The coolest thing about it was that we had representatives from three other bands there. Spivey Jo, Evven Stevven, and Third Addiction (formally known as Flatline) each had members of their bands there to support us. Thanks guys!!! Also, once again, Stoney and Lord Bart came out to support us. Tammy and Patrick have been really good for supporting us these last few weeks. We really appreciate it. Without everyone's help, we couldn't have advanced to the Finals to be held on the 22nd. We've made some really good friends through this competition, gotten the exposure we were hoping for, and picked up some new fans. It's been a terrific experience for us......Other news....we are looking to place an order for T-shirts this week or next week. Still trying to pick out a design we all can live with. We should definitely have them before Xmas. Also, we have neglected our CD the last couple of months because we have been gigging just about every weekend. We are looking to start working on it again in December. I think now we are shooting for a March release date, but I won't make any promises.

October 29, 2002

Well....well....well.....looks like we've been busy this past month. We've made it through the first two rounds of Buffalo Joe's "Battle of the Bands". Not too shabby considering one "group" is basically singing karaoke and a member's father is running the sound (not to mention being related to the owner). We've met some really great guys in some other bands, such as Spivey Jo and Evven Stevven. Also, for October, we were the Featured Band on Stoney's Metal News - a website dedicated to local metal bands. We've had a LOT of support from our fans at all of our shows, and we've been having a helluva fun time. We are currently looking for more venues, preferably in the Greenville/Spartanburg area. On another subject, Terry got some guitar picks made up and they are in the Merchandise section of the website for sale, but if you come out to a live show and ask him for one, he'll probably have a few on him to give out. We are also pooling all of the money we make from the next few shows so we can hopefully get some T-shirts made up before Xmas. The CD is still moving at a snail's pace, but we've been too busy gigging to really work on it. I've given up on saying when we are expecting to get it done. Anyway, that's the newest of the new on us.

September 18, 2002

We now have some MP3s on the site!!! We were waiting to get the forms and copies of the songs to the copyright office in Washington before we posted them. The MP3s are just 45-90 seconds long, but you will get a feel the song with them. We figured we'd save bandwidth, and at the same time, give you some incentive to buy our CD when we finally get it available. It's been a pain in the ass to try to get the thing mixed the way we want it. I guess it's just a slow process in general and we are learning about it as we go along.

We are getting ready for our next gig at Buffalo Joe's in Easley in two days. We are trying a couple of different promotional techniques for us and are hoping they work. I think, in all, we are posting and handing out over 200 fliers. Good thing we don't actually pay to get these fliers made.....fringe benefit to some of the jobs that we have. LOL.....Go here, future gigs, to see where our next gig is and come out and see us!

August 20, 2002

If you haven't been here in a while, the website has been taking on some major changes. We will hopefully be adding more things to it throughout the rest of August. Expect to see more pictures....and, hopefully, there will actually be some pictures in the "Gallery" section of the website. If you've been here before, you'll know that there was a change in the line-up since late September 2001 and were busy getting geared up for gigs (which we started gigging in December of 2001).

The old newsflash, was that we had just finished burning a 10 song demo CD back in February to give to bars and clubs to help us set up gigs. The CD has 7 cover tunes and three originals. One of the originals is actually a remake of the old Brian Adams song "Run to You". We chew that one up and spit it back out on the 7-string and changed the lyrics a little. It definitely ROCKS now! We are now in the process of thrying to get permission to have it on our soon-to-be-released CD, but we are still waiting to hear back from the copyright holder.

The newest and BIGGEST newsflash now is that we have been hard at work the last couple of months working on our CD of original songs. Looks like we will have 12 songs on it and we are in the final stages of mixing them down, and then we have to get copies of them with inserts and all the little goodies. We were hoping to have it ready by the end of the year (the release date keeps getting pushed back). To give us something to finally sell at shows and through the internet, we are seriously thinking of releasing a 4-6 song EP, of which all the songs will also be on the 12-song CD. We are also looking into purchasing some T-shirts.....Anyway, keep an eye on this site for some future MP3 downloads and for either an EP or the full-length CD that will be on sale. Thanks for visiting our site...