Vicki's 2000 Yamaha YZF-R1

[Vicki's R1 overlooking Lake Jocassee in north-western South Carolina.]

I have been wanting an R1 since they first came out in 1998, but after my accident in 2003, I thought I'd never own one. I didn't see a reason to get one because I didn't feel that I would ride it the way it needs to be ridden.

In December of 2006, we had stopped buy the local Ducati dealer, so Terry could pick up some parts when we spotted this exceptionally clean 2000 R1 on their lot. Being a BMW/Ducati/Aprilia dealer, it was definitely out of place. Terry pointed the bike out to me, because I stayed in the car while he went to get the parts. After pointing out the R1, I just had to go look at it. We talked about ways to go about purchasing it, but decided against it. For the next four weeks, I thought about the bike daily, and we discussed it several times.

[The R1 as it looked on the dealer's website.]

On January 9th, Terry called me from work and said that they still had the R1 and he had checked on insurance and was preapproved for a loan. He said he was just checking on it and asked me if I wanted it, still. I told him that it was a stupid question! He said he'd swing my there after work and go talk to them.

Terry called me on his way back from the dealership and told me about the conversation with the salesman and how they'd only come down to such-and-such a price. Terry made it sound like he wasn't interested in the bottom price the salesman was given earlier that day. I was very much surprised when he came home, waited about a half hour, then plopped down the Bill of Sale with a significantly lower price. It looked like I was finally going to get my R1!

[The R1 at an overlook on the Richard Russell Scenic Byway in northern Georgia (Hwy 348).]

We picked up the bike a few days later and was even more surprise when it came with a factory Service Manual, oil filter, and a matching red jacket! I felt like a little kid getting the pony that she always wanted for her birthday! The bike was just as clean as I remembered it, and with less than 4000 miles, it looked as new. Terry rode the bike home, and we were just waiting for the electric shifter to arrive before I could ride it (I did ride it for about 10 miles in second gear, but that doesn't count ;) )....Oh yeah, Terry also ordered an Ohlins steering damper because of what we'd read about the bike not having's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

[Ohlins damper on the R1.]

Installation of the shifter was fairly easy with the help of our friend, Rick, at Motorcycle Parts Plus. We found out that with a bronze bushing, complete with o-ring oil seals, we were able to mount the shifter directly to the frame, using the access hole on the left side. The bushing works great, and made the installation go really well.

[The Pingel electric shifter installed on the R1.]

[The shifter controls on the left handlebar.]

Due to the weather and waiting for the shifter to be installed, I wasn't able to actually ride the bike until February 22nd, and it is absolutely terrific and a LOT of fun! I was shocked how comfortable the bike is compared to my old GSXR. The R1 has become my "sport-touring" bike for our long trips. I've logged several 700-1100 mile weekends by riding into northern Georgia and doing our "Hot Springs Loop" where we ride to Erwin, TN and back, but to prove how comfortably the bike is, I accomplished a SaddleSore 1000 in June of 2007 (SaddleSore 100)....I still can't believe that I have an R1!!!

[At the top of the Richard Russell Scenic Byway in northern Georgia....note the ice on the side of the mountain.]

[Me and my R1 overlooking Lake Jocassee in north-western South Carolina.]
[Vicki shooting through a curve off of Hwy 215 in North Carolina.]

[Vicki going through an S-curve on a nice country backroad.]

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