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June 4, 2008
I've had a few more things going on that I'd like to share with everyone. Lately, whenever Dad gets me mad at when he won't let me do something I want to do....I tell him that he needs to go to work and make "milkshake money". I figure if he isn't here, he can't tell me "no", right? He hasn't gone back to work, yet, so I guess he just isn't comprehending what I want him to do. I'll have to keep trying. These parents are really difficult to train. What is it that they say about teaching an old dog new tricks?

Just a couple of days ago, I got really freaked out. I woke up in the middle of the night and my hand was tingling and had all these little sharp pains shooting through it. I didn't know what was going on, so I started crying and telling Mom and Dad that my hand hurt. Dad just keep saying that my hand was "asleep" and it happens all the time. I don't know what he was talking about because my hand wasn't making snoring noises like Dad makes. Dad started rubbing my hand and in less than a minute it felt all better. I hope this doesn't happen again, because I sure didn't like the way it felt.

A really neat thing that I got to do for the first time was go on a pedal-boat ride. It is this cool boat where you pedal it like a bicycle and the boats glides across the water. We went to Table Rock State Park and rented one. We got to pick up some life jackets and mine was pink with Barbie on it. The boat we rented was a four-seater and Mom and I got on the back while Dad pedaled it. We went along the shore and over by some trees that had fallen. I was picking leaves out of the boat and throwing them in the water. I kept looking over the edge of the boat for Nemo and Dory, but I never saw them. I kept asking Mom and Dad "What are Nemo and Dory doing?" and they kept telling me silly things like "they're sleeping" or they're swimming", or "they are in school". All I know is that I didn't see them anywhere! When we were done with the thirty-minute ride in the boat, Dad was kinda sweaty and Mom kept saying that she was fully anticipating having to fish me out of the water. What did she mean by that?

March 28, 2008
I've been listening to Mom and Dad the last few weeks talking about things I used to do when I was a little kid. I had totally forgotten about them because I didn't see the interest, but they seemed so tickled by them that I decided to share.

The first story that they always seem to talk about, especially when we get milkshakes, was when I first learned the word "mine" and realized what it meant. Well.....we went and got milkshakes, but only Mom and Dad each got one. They didn't get me my own. Mom was going to share hers with me. After she reached around and gave me her shake, I realized that I was pretty thirsty and it tasted really good. After a few minutes went by, I guess she figured she wanted some, too. When she asked for it, I guessed it, "Mine!". Mom thought it was funny, so she let me keep the shake. A few miles later she asked me, again, if she could have "her" milkshake, and, of course, I said "Mine!". Now, Dad, thinking he's so smart, asked me if I wanted to try his shake. I guess he thought I was going to give Mom's shake back to her.....Dad's not as smart as he thinks he is. ...He hands me his shake, and THEN asked if Mom could have her's back, guessed it, again...."No, Mine!". So there I was, sitting in my car seat with not one, but TWO milkshakes....and they both tasted really good.

Another story that they like to tell is when they first thought it would be fun to take my nose. You know how that goes. Mom or Dad reaches over to my face, act like they grabbed my nose, then hold their hand up with the thumb tucked between a couple of fingers and say "I got your nose". After Dad "got my nose" I figured I needed in on this joke, so I reached over and grabbed his nose....and then I grabbed Mom's nose. Then I gave Dad Mom's nose. We did this for a little while until they realized I knew all about this game and that they weren't going to get me to cry like all those cry-babies I hear about who get concerned that their nose was really taken. Now, if they can do better at "getting the dirty diaper", maybe I'll be impressed.

February 25, 2008
Dad has been really bad about updating this page for me. It's been over a year since my last entry, so he's in "Emma's crate" over this one. There has been so much to happen over the last year, that I don't even know where to begin.

Naturally, my speach is getting better all the time. I'm picking up all sorts of words, so Mom and Dad have to be careful what they say around me. I don't pronounce things as well as I need to, but mom is impressed that I can pronounce the "V" in her name. My lack of pronunciation (Dad wrote that word for me) got me in trouble, and it shouldn't have...

I was with Grammy and Grandad and I saw a flag that I liked, so I pointed it out and told Grammy "flag". Well, apparantly it sounded like some word that only adults are supposed to say, so she told me that it was a bad word and I shouldn't say it any more. When she told Mom over the phone, Grammy was informed that I was saying either "flag" or "frog", as they both sounded like a word that rhymed with "truck".

Another interesting story that involves Grammy and Grandaddy is one that Dad told me not to get into much detail. I guess in a nutshell, it is Grammy and Grandaddy stopping at McDonalds while bringing me back home from a weekend visit. Well, I got to play in the playground and I guess "some little kid" had a mishap with her diaper, as there were other kids saying "Eeewwwww...there's poop on the blue slide". Mom and Dad laughed when Grammy told them the story, but I don't see the humor in it.

To show my mischievious side, Mom and Dad put those little plastic child-proof plugs in all the outlets in case some little kid is over at the house. I guess they don't want anyone to get hurt, so they're all over the house. One day Dad was through vacuuming, and I wanted to wind the cord. The vacuum cleaner has this neat part I can push down and the cord coils inside the vacuum. Well, I went and unplugged the vacuum cleaner, grabbed the plastic plug off the kitchen table, and I put it back into the outlet.....I didn't want any little kids to get hurt.

Let's see.....Mom and Dad took me up to Bryson City, NC to ride on Thomas the Train. It was a long ride up there, and Dad did a "great" job of scheduling the train ride at a time when I normally take a nap. It was really, really hot that day, so by the time we boarded the train, I was getting cranky. I did stay awake, but the train ride wasn't as exciting as I had hoped.

[Hanging out with Dad and Thomas the Train.]

[Here I am sitting on the Thomas the Train waiting for my train ride to start.]

I'm playing a lot more with Emma (the dog) and Zuki (the cat), these days. Mom and Dad figured that if I was big enough to knock over a 75 pound German Shepherd, then they figured I could fend for myself. I chase Emma into her crate all the time, but it didn't take long to realize that I can close the door on the crate and keep her locked out of it. When she is effectively locked out of the crate, there's no place for her to hide. She was trying to hide under Mom and Dad's bed, but it didn't take me long to figure out that I can crawl under there, too. Mom says I can be so evil sometimes.

For games and toys, I still love my stuffed animals. I used to take an inventory of all of my animals that were supposed to sleep with me, and if any were missing, I'd make Mom and Dad look all over the house and go out into the cars to find them. Eventually, Mom told me I couldn't sleep with as many of them. She said something about "stuffed animal avalanches" and not being able to find me hidden with the animals. I still sleep with five of six, but Mom won't let me sleep with thirty any more.....I have a couple of puzzles I like to put together. I like to act like I don't know how to piece it together and trick Mom or Dad into "helping me".

I'm still rotating all of my movies, and Mom and Dad finally got tired to trying to make me stop changing the DVDs out by myself. What's really funny is when we go on trips and I take the portable DVD player with me. When Mom and Dad are trying to talk, I'll slowly turn the volume up. It's funny listening to them get louder and louder as I turn it up. Then, they'll finally realize what I've been doing and they'll tell me to turn it down. At this time, I'll turn it waaaaaayyyyy down low to where I can't hear it, but then Mom tells me I can turn it up some I do.......a little bit at a time.

Other fun with the DVD player is finding some really obnoxious part of a movie and constantly starting the scene segment over....and over....and over.....or I'll run through the DVD menus and change all the settings so I'll have the player in French and the colors and contrast are all messed up. Then I sit back and watch Mom try to figure it out while Dad is driving around.

The only other thing I can think to add is that during our first good snow of 2008, I was up at Nana's and got snowed in. I had a blast being stuck on the side of the mountain with Nana and Dusty-Dog for almost two weeks. Mom and Dad are thinking about buying a four-wheel drive vehicle so they can come get me if this ever happens again. On the same subject of snow, here is a picture of the snowman that Dad made for me when we had snow last year in February.

[My snowman.]

I loved my little snowman. I hugged it and would kiss it. It was cold to the touch, but I liked it. Dad tried to put it on the back porch, but I kept crying every time he'd take it out there because I wanted it in the house with me. Dad did get it outside, eventually. To do that, he had to build two more snowmen, so we had the mommy, daddy, and baby snowman. I went with Dad outside, and eventhough my hands were cold, I didn't want to go back inside. When Mom and Dad made me go in (after Dad and I threw snowballs at Mom), I cried until they agreed to let me go back out after my nap.

I can't think of anything else to add, so I'll end this entry with this....I'm three years old, now. Mom and Dad say I'm a little bulldozer because of my size.

December 26, 2006
Wow! Have I been busy lately! A lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote anything, but I'm finally getting getting around to writing about it.

Over the last several months, my volcabulary has been getting a bit better. I know a LOT more words than I can say, but Mom and Dad are trying to get me to learn more each day. Besides the body parts that they have been teaching me (eye, nose, ear, chin, cheek, finger, hand, foot, toes, tummy....) I've been trying to pick up more things like "up", "down", "wall", "door", "more", and my most recent and favorite..."snowman"......but I really say it like "no-man". All the Christmas light displays that we've been going to have really helped me keep it as my favorite word. I hate it when we leave the big displays, like the one in Greenville at Roper Mountain Road......I usually end up crying and saying "mo(re)"..."mo"..."mo"....when we are leaving.

I've also been trying to help out around the house, sometimes, by grabbing a piece of trash and taking it to the trash can without being asked to throw it away. I also like to bring shoes and socks to my Mom and Dad or help Mom with getting me into the car by walking to it myself and climbing up into the car seat. I'll even grab the straps and try to help strapping myself in when we are going "bye-bye". Mom and Dad get a kick out of me trying to put on my own clothes....or take them off... Sometimes I do it correctly, but sometimes I get the shirts on in ways that no one thought was possible. Mom really thought it was funny one morning when she came to get me out of the crib, and I was buck-naked. I just looked up at her and said "hi" when she walked into the room.....Sometimes I help out by turning lights on and off. Just the other day, Mom was in the bathroom and Dad told me to go turn off the light, so I went upstairs, opened the door, and turned off the light while Mom was in there. Both dad and I laughed. I don't know why it was funny, but Dad thought it was.

There is so much to try to remember from the last few months, but I can't remember all of it......I got my first haircut...I got my first black eye...Grammy bought me a "big girl" bed, and I have been sleeping in it when I stay over there. I've got one at our house, but Mom and Dad still have to find some time to clean up my room and sort through the hundreds of baby outfits I have, and all my toys, before they want to leave me in there by myself.....Mom says I get into everything.

[I got my first haircut!]

On the topic of getting into everything, I've been opening and closing doors on my own for a while, so Dad had to install some latches on their bedroom door and the door that goes downstairs to the bike room. I LOVE it when Mom or Dad let me go downstairs with them, as there are all sorts of neat things I can look at, but they won't let me play with anything down there. That's where all the motorcycles are kept. I really like motorcycles, and everytime I see one when driving around, I always make the "Bbbrrrrrrrooooom.....bbbbrrrrooooommmm" noises that they make.

I've also discovered that I like trains. I call them "shoo-shoos" as I can't seem to say "choo-choo". I know the areas where we usually see them when driving around, and I always look over at the train tracks and say "shoo-shoo" hoping that one of them will come out and let me see it. I've shown enough interest in them that Santa even brought me my own train set! This is a really neat one with a locomotive and coal hopper, open hopper car, and a caboose. It's battery operated and has a remote to make it "go" and "stop". The train set helped me learn these two words recently....Santa also brought me a really neat keyboard that makes all sorts of noise, but Mom keeps turning it off when I'm not looking.

[Here I am playing with my train set that Santa brought me.]

The biggest news of the last few months?......I turned TWO a few days ago! I had all sorts of presents!!! Between my birthday and Christmas, I was opening presents for about five days straight. Grammy and Grandad dropped me back off at Mom and Dad's, and we ate some cake and I opened a couple of presents. A couple days later, I was opening gifts from Nana and Uncle Henry and Joshua, then Aunt melinda came down with a whole carload of presents! I'm getting really good at opening presents!

June 26, 2006
I have been a busy little girl the last several months, so I haven't been able to update my blog. Some of the most recent news is that I am now a year and a half old!!!! I may have to change the title of my "Baby Blog" to something different, now that I'm getting older and growing up. Mom and Dad didn't get me the ice cream cake for my half-birthday because dad had to work late and didn't get home until after 7 at night. He said he may pick me up an ice cream cake a little later. I really like ice cream cake!

Another news-worthy tidbit is that two days ago was my first time going to the lake and getting to go swimming. I really love water, but I never really knew there was a place like the bathtub, but HUGE!!!! I had a blast with my Grammy and great-grandmother Dodo. I just couldn't get enough swimming in, so yesterday, my Grammy bought a little swimming pool, so I can play in the water when visiting them. I'm hoping to talk mom and dad into getting me one, too.

[Just lounging around in my new swimming pool at Grammy and Grandaddy's house.]

I've just recently gotten over a little sickness. Actually, one of my saliva ducts got blocked and it caused my face to swell up really big. We went to the Emergency Room, where we stayed for about four hours. I tried my best to behave, but it was well past my bedtime and I was tired. Mom and dad were good sports about it all, too. I got two shots of antibiotics and then had to see the doctors a couple of times over the next few days. They must have done something right, as the swelling went down, competely, by Sunday afternoon. It didn't really hurt, and everyone kept wondering why I was running around like there was nothing wrong. Mom and dad said I looked bad, and they aren't going to let me post any pictures of it. Mom says I looked pitiful and that the pictures make her heart hurt (dad says the same thing).

The only other things of any great interest is that Grammy and Grandaddy have been trying to get me at least one weekend a month, and I recently got to stay at Grandma Myrtle's house, too. I got to play with my cousin, Joshua, and with Dusty, our friendly pet pit-bull. Grandma Myrtle was making some monster noises at me, and Dusty didn't like it, so he barked at Grandma Myrtle a couple of times. It was funny. I had a great time playing with my Joshua and Uncle Henry, and I'm hoping to go visit, again. Well, I better get going. I've got some pictures to work on for my photo album.

January 2, 2006
Just a quick note to let all of my friends and family know that I had a terrific Christmas and New Years. I got lots of really cool toys and ate lots of good food. I'll probably write some more later, but I mainly wanted everyone to know that my Dad made a couple of short videos with his digital camera, and we put links to them above. One of them is of me taking a few steps and the other is me dancing (swinging back and forth) to a Christmas song. I hope everyone else had a terrific Holiday Season and I wish you a Happy New Year.

December 16, 2005
Wow.....time sure flies when you are having fun! I have been busy the last few months, and a lot of things have been happening. I'll just tell you about the highlights.

Over the Halloween weekend, I went with my Grandad, Grammy, Mom, and Dad to Southern Indiana. It was a long ride, something like 9 hours each way, but my Grammy kept my busy in the back of the rented minivan with toys and food. I slept a lot on the trip up there and back, but what else is a little kid gonna do? We went to Tell City, IN where my great-grandfather lives. I have never met him before. We missed meeting by almost a month when he came down to South Carolina for Thanksgiving last year. I had a blast with my Great-grandad Boling. Here is a picture of me with him. I was making my "monster" noises and Great-grandad got tickled, which made me laugh, which made Great-grandad laugh. It must have went on for five minutes.

[Great-grandad Boling and I laughing because it was just a funny moment.]

While visiting, we jumped across the Ohio River, into Hancock County, KY and went to see some of the family things, like the Boling Church and the Boling Cemetery. I got to see some family things that even my dad hadn't seen before. Everything was fun for me, as long as Grammy kept me busy and entertained, but Dad sure seemed to enjoy the visit.

Shortly after coming back to South Carolina, I got my first cold. It was mostly a runny nose, but I didn't like it. I didn't feel good and just curled up with my mom on the recliner for a day or two. I'd gross Mom and Dad out, sometimes, when I'd sneeze and I'd have snot all over the front of my face. This one time, we went through a drive-through and Mom and Dad got something to eat. I sneezed really hard and got snot all over from both nostrils. Since Dad was driving, Mom had to turn around and clean me up, and I think I ruined her appetite. hee hee

To keep from rambling too much, I had my seventh and eighth teeth come in since my last blog entry, and I decided to walk a little bit. Mom had to go into the hospital on December 8th for a total hip replacement and Grammy got a hotel room for her, Mom, Dad, and me, so Mom and Dad wouldn't have to worry about getting up too early and having to drive an hour and a half to get to the hospital. Grammy had a toy that I wanted, and she held it across the little area between the two beds. Well, the beds were close enough that I didn't feel like getting down to crawl, so I just took two or three steps to get to the other bed to get my toy. Naturally, Grammy made a big deal out of it and had me show my Mom, but......when Dad got up there (he came up later because he had to work), I was tired and didn't want to feel like a fish in a fishbowl, so I'm making him wait to see me walk.

Well, that's it for this entry. Just think, in 6 days I'll be ONE YEAR OLD!!!! I think my Mom is starting to feel old. hee hee

September 1, 2005
I haven't updated in a while, so I'll tell you of some of the exciting developments since late June. First, I'm CRAWLING!!!! It's starting to drive my Mom and Dad crazy, too. Now, they just can't set me down and go do something. I will FOLLOW them into the other room, pull myself up their pant leg, and not let them do anything. I tend to get into all sorts of stuff, now that I'm crawling. I like pulling the video tapes and DVDs out and play with them. I chase the kitty and doggie around. Sometimes I catch them and will pull and tug on them, or even get to chew on their tails when Mom and Dad aren't looking. Dad got tired of chasing me away from the electrical outlets, so he found some of those plugs to put in them, so I pull the power cord for the phone out of the wall, instead......which he has taped to the wall, because I started to hang on it. I also figured out how to chase Mom up the stairs, but I didn't make it too far before Mom caught me. Sometime over the course of that first night, this big, black gate appeared that blocks me from going up the stairs. I was really upset once I found out that I can't go up the stairs, so I just cried and cried. Mom still wouldn't remove the gate. Sometimes, if Mom or Dad don't remember to put the gate up, I may sneak up a stair or two before they notice.

Also, since my last update, I have FOUR teeth (lowers AND uppers).

[Here I am showing off my first FOUR teeth]

I finally get to sample just about eveything that Mom and Dad are eating. I'll crawl from Mom, sitting in the Lay-Z-Boy, to Dad, sitting on the couch, and get food from each of them. Sometimes they think they are pulling one over on me by trying to hide their food and drinks from me, but I'm not stupid. I know what they are doing. I've found out that I like Mexican food and turkey (from Dad's turkey sandwiches at Columbo's), but I don't really care too much for sour cream. I also like macaroni and cheese, grilled fish, pudding (Mom calls me the "Pudding Monster", crackers, peanut butter, and I love to drink Mom's Mountain Dew.

That's all I have to update on, this time. I have to go. I see that Mom has a bottle of Mountain Dew, and I'm going to go get some of it.

June 24, 2005

As of two days ago, I'm six months old! My parents were so proud of me for not making them want to commit suicide, that they bought me a 1/2 year birthday cake and a couple of presents. Here is a picture of them:

[1/2-year Birthday Cake]

They wanted me to open the presents first, because they figured I'd be covered head-to-toe with the ice cream cake, but I just wanted to tease them and decided to try to eat my presents. Here's a picture of me trying to eat throught he wrapping paper:

[Trying to eat my present]

Eventually mom and dad got tired of waiting for me to open the presents, so they took them away from me and opened them. Since I have all sorts of toys and am a couch-potato by nature, they got me two DVDs. One of them has a bunch of classic cartoons on it. I hope I like it. If not, I'll just harass the dog and cat. hee hee.....Mom and dad let me grab at the whole birthday cake, but then decided they may want some of it, too, and cut me off a piece of my very own. At first, it was a bit cold, but eventually, I was chowing down on it. Here is a picture of me in the middle of the slice of cake:

[This ice-cream cake is yummy!]

You can see more picture of my with my presents and the cake in my Photo Album

Other exciting news is that I'm almost crawling....but not yet.....and I now have TWO teeth that are coming in. Sometimes I accidentally bite my tongue, but I'll figure out how to use these things, eventually. One other note-worthy item was that I had my first sleep-over during the Memorial Day Weekend. I went and stayed with my Auntie Melinda and Melissa and hung out with a lot of the family. Mom and dad took a little vacation and went to the mountains in northern Georgia.

Ok, that's enough of this. I'm going to see if I can talk mom into giving me some more birthday cake.....that stuff is GOOD!

April 14, 2005

Here I am to share my thoughts with everyone. I was going to keep adding new stuff to the bottom of the last post, but I started to think that a lot of people wouldn't want to scroll down to read it, so I decided to do a blog-type thing here. I will just add things every now and again, and put it at the top of this page. This way, you will always be able to tell when I make changes when you visit this page.

Since my last post, I've grown quite a bit. I was a little over 14 pounds at my last doctor's visit, and that was over a month ago. I didn't like that visit to the doctor. They gave me some shots in my thighs. It really hurt, so I cried. My Mom said I was pitiful and I think she was about to cry, too. I don't like the doctor and getting shots.

Over the last couple of months, I've also been watching my Mom and Dad play the "pass the baby with the poopie diaper" game. It's fun to watch. It'll be something similar to having my Mom holding me, and I fill my diaper. I get fussy and squirm before doing this, but she doesn't know what I'm trying to say. She just sticks a bottle in my mouth, thinking I'm hungry. When Mom realizes what has happened, she tells dad that her hip is hurting and would he mind holding me a little while. Of course, dad says he will, so mom hands me over to Dad. Dad's not really quick sometimes, especially if he's watching TV, so after a couple of minutes, he gets this funny look on his face, then he turns to Mom and says, "That was just plain WRONG!". Mom starts laughing, and Dad takes me over to the crib to change me. Dad's gotten mom back a few times, but none of us are keeping score (I think Dad's winning).

Some other things that have changed over the last couple of months is that I like to sit up, like a big girl. I will get really cranky when I'm being held and I can't sit up. I usually like to sit up when I am watching TV or when I just want to look around. Mom's told me that I'm a "couch potato". I can't help it that I like watching TV. I can't move around much, yet, so watching TV is the only thing I can do to pass the time......Well, other than drive my mom crazy. This is another game I like to play.

I try to stay up all day long and practically refuse to take any naps. I sleep all night long, but I can get a little fussy, cranky and.....well, I really can drive Mom crazy. I like to scream and cry, for no appearant reason, and I never can stay satisfied with eating, watching TV, or anything else. After Mom's tried to feed me and checked my diaper repeatedly, she gets right to the point of wanting to rip out all her hair or put me on the street corner to see if someone will pick me up. I sense this mood of Mom's, and then I look up at her and smile really big. I may even make some laughing or cooing noises when I smile. When I do this, Mom quits being frustrated and feels better. On some days, I really want to mess with her so I'll cry, smile, cry, smile, cry, smile, cry, and then smile. By the time Dad gets home from work, Mom's had enough of me. It's a really fun game to play, and if any of you other babies out there are reading this, you should try it with your mom, too. It's a great way to make the day go by fast, until your dad gets home....of course, when dad comes home, you have to be on your best behavior to make him think that mom really IS going crazy. hee hee

February 3, 2005

Hello, everyone. My name is Audrey Marie and I am the newest addition to the Boling family. Here is a picture of me when I was only about 12 weeks old and still inside my mother.

[I'm the cutest, Don't you think?]

I was born at 3:52 in the morning on December 22, 2004, much to the surprise of my parents. I didn't give them any real warning that it was time for me to come out and join them. They both were quite surprised. My dad took this picture of me when I was about 10 hours old when I was right in the middle of a good yawn.

[I'm just too sleepy.]

Because of my mom's motorcycle accident a year and a half ago, I had to be delivered by a c-section, and they put my mom to sleep to do this. The first person in the family that I saw was my dad. He was waiting for them to take me upstairs and he was in the room with me while I was weighed and measured. They say I'm 6 pounds and 3 ounces, but it looks really good on my 20 1/4" frame. I was a little embarassed when they measured my waistline, and I'm not going to tell you what that was. I'm modest. .....With my dad being the "first" to see me and be around me, he turned down being the first to hold me because he wanted mom to be the first one to do this. I didn't mind, though, because he stayed with me for about an hour and a half, just watching me, until they brought mom back up to her room. These two pictures aren't from the first time my mom held me, but it was within the first 16 hours.



Dad let mom hold me first and feed me first, but mom played a good joke on him and had him change my second dirty diaper in front of his best friend and his girlfriend. I thought it was funny. My first dirty diaper was changed by my grandmother Ruth (who you can see on the "Other Family" section of the website with Grandad Terry) with assistance from my great-grandmother Dorothy (Ruth's mother). Here is a picture of me with my great-grandmother after Grandad was the one who I unloaded on while he was holding me.


My mom and dad were not going to decorate for Christmas because I wasn't supposed to be here until after Christmas, but while mom and I were in the hospital, dad was sneaking back to the house and put up a tree for us. He really surprised mom. Naturally, they wanted some pictures of all three of us in front of the tree. It wouldn't have been bad, except they woke me up and stuck all these bright lights in my face. I started to get angry, so, here you can see that I'd finally had enough of the picture taking.


Here's a picture of my dad and me sleeping. Mom was really tired from me keeping her entertained with feeding me and changing my diapers, so dad decided to help mom by letting me sleep on his chest.


This is what mom and dad keep telling people I will probably look like in about 5 years, if I take up their hobby of motorcycle riding...

Well, that is all for right now. I'm tired and have to get some sleep. I'll try to keep this page updated whenever I feel there is some important information to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by.

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