2003 Ducati 999

[The 999 with race/track fairings on it.]

This is a 2003 Ducati 999 that Vicki found and was able to pick up really cheap. It had been in an accident, and the previous owner was turning it into a track bike, but he decided to sell it, instead. From what we can tell, it has magnesium valve covers, carbon fiber fairing stays, and titanium headlight bucket. The valve covers and headlight bucket have not been removed, so they could possbly just be painted. The bike came iwth a huge box of spare parts, including the belt covers, which I may reinstall. Oh yeah, it also has a Compufire ECU that still needs to be clashed.

We bought the farm and moved, and since then, I have been so busy with the rentals and the farm (and teaching), that I haven't really had any time to work with any of the bikes. Vicki was hoping I'd turn this motorcycle into a track bike, which, with as little free time as I seem to have, doing 2-3 track days a year sounds more along the lines of what I would actually be able to do with the bikes.

[Now, that is one sexy piece of machinery!]

[The horizontal head with the belt covers off of it.]


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