1998 Ducati ST2

[Overlooking Lake Jocassee in north-western South Carolina.]

[Right side of the ST2 without panniers and some mild mods such as the seat cowling.]

[Left side of the ST2.]

Above and below are pictures of a really fun bike to ride in the mountains. It is a 1998 Ducati ST-2 Sport Touring bike that I bought new in September of 2000. It had been sitting on the showroom floor for almost three years, and they cut me a killer deal to take it off of their hands. I'd ridden this Ducati over 7,000 miles the first year I had it and rode it to Key West, FL for New Year's 2000/2001. A nice little 1000-mile, one-way ride. The bike remained 100% original until I had almost 11,000 miles on it. It now has a lower windshield, FBF titanium slip-ons, FBF chip, rear seat cowling, and a few other mods.

[Clean shot of the left side of the bike.]

[Custom lettering showing that the ST2 is 944cc's of torquey engine.]

[The ST2 in northern Georgia at an overlook on the Richard Russell Scenic Byway (Hwy 348).]

Below, you can see one of the other modifications that I've done to the ST2. I upgraded the 1998 master cylinder/lever assemblies with some 2002 units. I, also, installed some Helibar adaptors and put a set of 748/9X6 clip-ons to lower the bars about an inch and a half and move them a hair forward for a sportier look and feel. After the mod, I felt that the bike actually handled a little bit better in the twisties. Here is a picture of the Ducati Performance lower profile windshield.

[Picture of the Helibar adapters with Ducati SBK clip-ons to lower the bars.]

[The low-profile, Ducati-Performance windshield.]
A modification that I felt was necessary for this bike is to relocate the voltage rectifier/regulator to the inside of the airbox, so it will have constant, cool air flow. After the bike ate two regulators, I figured I had to try to do something to make it last longer, especially since a factory one is $250 and the cheapest aftermarket one is about $170.

[Relocation of the voltage regulator to under the gas tank.]

[Another picture of the voltage regulator relocation.]

I don't "baby" this ST2, as a lot of people tend to do with their bikes. Quite often, I forget it is not a pure "sport" bike, which leads into issues...such as lack of ground clearance. Click here to see pictures of the "hard parts" that I've scraped on my ST2: ST2 Scrapes.

As of February of 2007, I've put over 24,000 miles on this bike, and hope to log many, many more miles on it. This is the bike that we usually do overnight weekend rides, as I finally put the panniers back on the it (they haven't been on the bike since January of 2001).

[Here I am posing with the ST2 with Lake Jocassee in the background.]

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