My Firearms

Firearms are another "hobby" of mine. Just something else to sink money into, I guess. After several years of thinking about it, and finally being pushed off the fence to make up my mind on the subject, I have removed all pictures of my firearms for security purposes.

Vicki and I really enjoy our firearms and in the year 2005, we determined that we fired over 17,000 rounds between Rex's Indoor Shooting range in Hendersonville, NC and the *free* outdoor range near the house that is operated by the county. To help with the costs of our shooting, we purchased an RCBS Rockchucker single-stage press and are now reloading our own 45ACP, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, 44 Special, and 44 Magnum ammo. I've been thinking about adding 9mm, 223, 308, and 30 carbine to the list, but haven't bought any dies, yet.

Instead of putting any pictures of the guns, here's a picture of our reloader.

[Our RCBS Rockchucker reloading press.]

Here's a target that was shot with one of our first batched of 45ACP using 230gr FMJ Rainer plated bullets, 5.4gr of Winchester #231 powder, Winchester WLP primers, and once-fired Winchester brass.

[Target riddled with holes from reloads.]

I was recently checking one of my guns for accuracy and reliability issues, and here is a picture of the target:

Five rounds of 230-grain, FMJ, Wolf 45ACP from an 80-Series Colt Officers model at 30 feet (10 yards).

[Checking the accuracy and reliability of a Colt Officer ACP.]

[Checking the accuracy and reliability of a Colt Officer ACP.]

. . . . .