1998 Ducati ST2 - The Geezer Glide

[The Geezer Glide ST2.]

Back around September of 2007 I saw a couple of posts on some Ducati forums of a guy looking for a stock ST2 eprom chip. He was having some stuttering issues with his '98 ST2, where he said it was as if the bike was intermittently dropping a cylinder for a few seconds and then straighten itself out. He was hoping it was a bad eprom, and I had my stock one just layign around since I bought the FBF chip, so I just sent it to him for free.

Bill and I kept in touch for several months, as I tried to help him try to fingure out the problem. He had taken it to one of better mechanics in the region, as rumor has it, and he was stumped, also. Bill just never felt that he could trust the bike and was getting frustrated. Finally, he started hinting around to wanting to sell it. He'd finally had enough. I told him that I'd rather help him repair the bike so he could get some enjoyment out of it, but he wasn't interested in the bike, anymore. Vicki and I had just bought the Monster after making an offer I didn't think was going to be accepted, but Bill made us a deal I couldn't refuse. To a certain degree, I really wish he would have gotten frustrated a few weeks earlier. If he'd done so, we probably would have never bought the Monster.

Even with the deal that Bill had given me on the bike, it came with several accessories that Vicki and I didn't want to keep and figured we could drop the invested price in the bike by selling them. The way the bike was fitted when we bought it, we affectionately named it the "Geezer Glide".

We sold the touring items of the bike, the top case, bar risers, taller windshield, and Corbin seat, and had it stripped down to something more practical for mountain twisty roads with short 2-3 day trips. Eventually, we will need to install a Pingel electric shifter so Vicki can ride it......and I still need to fix the stuttering problem, even though I've ridden the bike nearly 1000 miles since it's purchase (while troubleshoot it).

Edit 12/17/2016 - The bike was originally named the "Geezer Glide" because of the trunk, bar risers, tall windshied, and everything else that just made it look like an old guy's bike. Since then, we've renamed it to the "Gimpy Glide" as a play on Vicki's disability.

[The Geezer Glide in front of an old barn in northern Pickens County.]

[A close up of the Geezer Glide.]

Here is a picture of Vicki with the ST2 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

[Vicki and the Geezer Glide on the Blue Ridge Parkway]

[The shockingly lean engine of the Geezer Glide.]

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