Welcome to the guitar-related section of my website. Over the years, I've had over 150 different Kramer guitars go through my hands, with my "kollection" peaking at 47. It has now dwindled down to my first two Kramers and a couple of Lynch model ESP guitars, an Ibanez Universe, and a few other guitars. This website originally was dedicated to Kramer guitars (pre-Gibson era) and their devoted players. I orginally developed this with the intentions of sharing information that I have gathered since my initial exposure with Kramer's products in the summer of 1984, and also the year long research that I conducted to better educate myself further on the company and its products in 1997. My research was used in helping Michael Wright, "The Different Strummer", with a six-part history that we wrote for Vintage Guitar Magazine (in the April, May, June, July, September, and October '98 issues). If you want to learn more about Kramer guitars, go to the Vintage Kamer website. These guys have done what I was trying to accomplish years ago.

As some of you know, I started the first Kramer guitar-related website back in 1997, but have since reduced my participation with them. The start of the decline in my involvement with Kramers was when I bought my first Ducati sportbike and wanted to spend more time riding my bikes than playing guitar. A few months later, I wrecked that bike, and then I joined a local area band a year after that. When I did this, I didn't want to gig with my treasured Kramers, but, like many Kramer endorsees in the 80s, I started purchasing Lynch model ESP guitars. Then, the real kicker happened, I was laid-off from my job in 2000 and sold a lot of my premium example guitars to pay bills. Selling off my premium guitars, especially my Enterprise to my friend Scott in North Carolina, I just couldn't bring myself to try to get my collection back to where it was during the pre-laid-off years. I decided to concentrate more on the band, which I have quit being a member of in June of 2004.

I have saved some of the more important parts of the "old" Kramer Krazy website for those of you who reference it. Below you can find my version of the story that ran in Vintage Guitar Magazine. It is not 100% correct, but for more accurate details and information, you may want to see my buddies over at Vintage Kramer. They've really put together a great site, just full of Kramer info. Two other sections of interest are the "Floyd Rose Pages" where you can find a little history on Floyd Rose, his products, set-ups, and adjustments. I also have a page for my current "kollection" of guitars and one for my "band years".

I hope you still enjoy this section of my website and find some valuable information on it. Kramer guitars were the reason I started my website. Thanks for stopping by.

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