Welcome to the section of my website dedicated to my non-musical hobbies: guns and motorcycles. Very little will be stated about my firearms (for PC and governmental reasons), but I'll tell you LOTS about my motorcycles. I'm not exactly sure which hobby I prefer the most between the motorcycles and guitars, but, the last few years, I haven't spend much time with either of them. I've been busy with my regular job, teaching, the rentals, and the farm, so I don't have much time for other things, yet. Hopefully, in the near future I can get back to the hobbies I've loved in the past.

I'm not a "biker" and actually HATE that term with a certain amount of passion. I like to consider myself a "motorcycle enthusiast". I like motorcycles, and it doesn't matter to me the brand nor the type. I ride cruisers, sportbikes, and dirtbikes, and plan on doing so until the day I am no longer physically capable of doing so. In the near future, I am planning on buying an ATV for farm duties and may decide to get another dirtbike. It's been a while since I've had a dirtbike, but now we have some extra acreage that I am currently cutting some horse-riding trails through. I may need an ATV and dirtbike to keep the trails cut down. ;)

[A collage of our bikes and us.]

Above is a collage of several of the bikes that we have. It's not all of them. To read more about each of our bikes and to see more pictures of them, click on any of the links below. If you are interested in seeing what my first street-bike looked like, click here... My First Street Bike.

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Here's a picture of me riding a wheelie on the 1980 Honda XR200 I had when I was a teenager. I am 14 years old in this picture...

[Riding a wheelie at 14 on the '80 Honda XR200.]

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