1996 Suzuki GSXR-1100 - Jaws



Well, this was one of my more interesting purchases...

Since Vicki really liked her '94 GSXR and these older models are becoming less and less seen on the road, I was thinking it would be cool to get one, too. We could ride both of them out together and go "Old School". Well, I was surfing eBay one night and saw this 1100 in pretty nice shape. It was fairly low mileage and is one of the few left without a polished frame. I figured, heck, it had another day or two left, I'll go ahead and make a low bid on it. I know someone is going to out-bid me. By the way, I may want to point out that I was drinking at the time and feeling pretty good. So, I made a fairly low bid over the current high-bidder's stupid low bid, and I wound up being the new high bidder. Oh yeah, I may want to also state that this was a no reserve auction. I went into the bedroom and told Vicki what silly thing I did, but "It's OK. I know I'm going to be outbid."

So, now, I'm sitting at work and decide to see who outbid me a few minutes before the auction ends, and ""Hmmm. That looks weird. I'm still the high bidder."

"Someone is bound to outbid me. Just one bid, and that person gets it."

"Why isn't anyone bidding?!!!"

"Well, if I win it, it is a really good price."

"OK.....I'm ready for someone to bid on it."

"Come on!!! Somebody bid on this thing!!!!!"
"Oh crap!"

"Dammit. I guess I need to drive to Ohio, now."

So, yeah. The bike was in Ohio. I wound up renting a truck and got my buddy, Chuck Stephens, to ride with me. We made a bonzai-run from South Carolina to Ohio, picked up the bike, and came straight back in something like 22 hours.

It really is a nice bike, and I got it at a really good price, but I sure didn't "need" it.

I'm a bit more cautious about drinking and surfing the Internet, now. LOL

There's an interesting story about this next picture with the bike on a dirt logging trail going up the side of a mountain. The only thing I'm going to say is that I didn't like those blue lights behind me. LOL Interestingly, the kick stand is not down on the bike. I wedged it a little bit in that runoff trench.

[A hillclimbing GSXR]

[I don't know what gesture you are talking about.]
FTP, Yo!!!

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