My Marshall Amps


These are the Marshall amps that I own posing with my three Lynch model ESPs. I gig with a 3203 with both 1960AX and BX cabs. For acoustic gigs, I use the much cleaner 2555 head and those cabinets or only the top cab. In the past, I used a 3203 with matching 1965A&B cabs. The Silver Anniversary "mini" stack never leaves the house: Here is a breakdown of the amps in the picture (left to right):

* 1987 2553 with matching 2556A and 2556B 2x12" cabs
* 1988 JCM800 2555 50/100 Jubilee head with 1990's 1960AX & 1960BX 4x12" cabinets
* 1987 3203 Artist head and 1989 3203 Artist head on top of matching 1980's Marshall * 1965A and 1965B 4x10" cabs
* 1989 4203 combo amp (same electronics as the 3203 heads) in front of the full stack