I'm not too sure what all I'm gonna slap onto this page, but I'll start it off with just a bunch of links. As the rest of the site takes shape, I'll probably add other things, such as funny pictures, jokes, and whatever else I'd like to share with my readers. I may even decide to do a "blog" or something.....you just never know.


Vintage Guitar Magazine
Vintage Kamer
Liquid Mischief
Biker Heaven
Carolina Riders
Zina's Blog
The Ducati Index
US Desmo
Club Desmo
Sportbike Track Time
Tail of the Dragon
Drag a Knee
Motorcycle Playground
Carolina Motorsports Park
Myer's Motorcycles
Touring Sport
H&W Racing

This next picture is something I really don't ever want to see.

This is a Dilbert strip that I really like. It reminds me of a lot of places I've worked.