Poinsett Bridge

[A picture of Poinsett bridge with Vicki at the top and my Ducati ST2 on the road above the bridge.]

Poinsett bridge is the oldest in South Carolina, having been constructed in 1820. This bridge was once part of an old state highway that tied Greenville, SC with Asheville, NC. The bridge was named for Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was South Carolina's first Commissioner of Public Works.

[Vicki at the gothic archway of the bridge (with the Ducati looking down at us).]

This bridge is 130 feet long and spans over Little Gap Creek in northern Greenville County on Callahan Road, just off of Old Hwy 25. It is said that Poinsett bridge was designed by Robert Mills, who is known for his Gothic-style arches. Poinsett Bridge would be no exception, as it has a 14-foot arch-way that the creek flows through.

[Here I am standing inside the archway of Poinsett Bridge.]