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Here's a little something that I wrote the day after the Chicago White Sox won the 2005 World Series...Chicago White Sox - 2005

Hello everyone. Thanks for visiting my little sliver of excitement on the internet. I won't bore you with what I do for a living, and I won't get into my hobbies of motorcycles, guitars, and guns (that you can see elsewhere on my site), but I will tell you about some of the other things that are a pleasure and joy in my life.

Somewhat recently, I got married to a wonderful woman, Vicki, who reminds me a lot of myself. She really likes motorcycles, and she used to ride a LOT before her head-on collision with an Oldsmobile (the car driver's fault). She can be just as stubborn and mule-headed as me, so sometimes, there is some head-butting, but it is always minor. We've found out that she really enjoys target practice with various firearms, so we've gotten into shooting as a favorite past-time to share. I think it gives her something else to take up some of the time that she spent riding motorcycles.

Here is a picture of Vicki and me at the train ride that I took her on for her birthday in 2004 in Dillsboro, NC.


Here is a picture of my "pride-and-joy" that arrived on December 22, 2004. Audrey Marie came home for the first time on Christmas morning. She was the cutest and most meaningful Christmas present I could ever imagine receiving.


(According to THIS picture, Vicki says Audrey spends too much time with me.)

I've always liked nature and items of interest of our history, so I try to take some time and enjoy these things, when I can. Since moving to the Upstate of South Carolina, I've been spoiled with the mountains, streams, and waterfalls in the area. I spend some of my time enjoying similar sights in North Carolina, also, but with so few in South Carolina, they have more meaning to me. For example, I grew up in Indiana and covered bridges were fairly common. I remember playing on the one at Fancher Lake in Crown Point, IN, the one at Lemon Lake (just north of Cedar Lake, IN), and visiting the one at Turkey Run in lower Indiana. So, when I recently found out that there is only ONE surviving covered bridge in South Carolina, Vicki and I HAD to go visit it. So, here's a picture of Campbell's Covered Bridge, built in 1909, and located just north of Greer, SC near Gowensville, SC.


Vicki had never been to a covered bridge, so it was an extra treat to know that I was the first one to escort her to one.

Waterfalls are nature's little stress relievers. I like to go to the local waterfalls and just relax while listening to the crashing water as it hits the rocks below. Here is a shot of the Isaqueena Falls near Walhalla, SC. We like to stop here, sometimes, when we've been out riding the bike on Hwy 107 between Whitewater Falls and Walhalla.


Here are two more local waterfalls for you to enjoy. The first is a picture of me at the Looking Glass Falls just north of Brevard, NC right off of Hwy 276. The second is me (really small in the pic) on the left side of the Twin Falls in northern Pickens County in South Carolina (the right side of the "twin" falls is not in the picture).


For my enjoyment of nature and the mountains, in general, here is a picture of me and my Harley on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina. I love riding my bikes in the mountains of North Carolina, and especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Well, here is some more about me from the non-guitar, bike-riding, gun-shooting side of life. Thanks for checking out this page, and I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my other interests. If you want to drop me a line, email me at TBoling_1968@bellsouth.net. Take care.

Kramer Krazy,

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