Going to Canada, eh?

(August 15 - August 23, 2003)

[Map of the route taken during this trip.]

Daily Log

August 15 (Fri)

August 16 (Sat)

August 17 (Sun)

August 18 (Mon)

August 19 (Tues)

August 20 (Wed)

August 21 (Thurs)

August 22 (Fri)

August 23 (Sat)

9 Days Total











Total: 3,143.6


Suffolk, VA

Hightstown, NJ

Kittery, ME

Barre, VT

Watertown, NY

Geneseo, NY

Martinsburg, WV

Jonesville, NC

Easley, SC

15 States Traveled
2 Canadian Provinces

Our two bikes sitting at the parking area at the southern island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Hithching a ride on a ferry. Wade is wondering what kind of mischief I am about to get us into.

I really wished I could have gotten a photo and not had to steal one from the Internet

This was a neat lighthouse that looked like a schoolhouse (Heading toward New London, CT on a ferry)

A nice shot of a bay on the Maine shore. The Cape Neddick Lighthouse is in the background

We made it to the Cape Neddick Lighthouse

The chained building at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire

I like how the boiler is at an angle to keep it horizontal during the climb up the mountain

Wade is installing his new license plate after his went bouncing down the road

Little did we know we were about to be detained and interrogated

Lake Placid, NY at the Olympic Facility

I really like this photo of the sourthern end of Lake Saranac, NY

Hanging out at the Harley dealer in Toronto

A pistol display at the Gettysburg battleground museum

My Harley next to a Civil War cannon in Gettysburg

At the entrance sign to the Luray Caverns

A photo from inside the Luray Caverns

We are getting ready to jump onto the Skyline Drive in Virginia

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