Bike Trips


Above is how I'm often packed and geared up for my bike trips

Eventhough I had ridden bikes from my home near Greenville, SC as far as Daytona Beach, FL for both Bike Week and Biketoberfest, I never really had much thought of traveling the US by bike. Sure, I always had those dreams and fantacies of doing a loop around the United States when I was a kid, but I never thought I'd even come close to anything like it. On July 7th, 2000, that all changed.

Three months after the purchase of my first sportbike, a 1999 Ducati Supersport 750, I wrecked the bike on Hwy 215 in the mountains of North Carolina and broke my right leg in three places. You can read about the bike and the wreck here: Dead Duck. Shortly after the accident, I decided to quit spending all my vacation time and money doing the same bike rallies and decided to see parts of the USA that I've always wanted to see. The wreck reminded me that life can be, and often is, far too short. So, through a series of events, I started my quest to hit the continental 48 states on two-wheels. As of November 2007, I've been through 44 states with the addition of two Canadian Provinces and Mexico.

Different Bike Trips:

Warning: These are quite long-winded and detailed. 8)