"The World's Toughest Riders" - Slogan of the Iron Butt Association.

[A map showing the route we took for the SaddleSore 1000.]

[Lined up and ready to go!]
A group of hooligans about to start their 1000+ mile journey

[Cruising down I-85 at the start of the ride.]
Cruising down I-85 at the start of the ride

[Heading toward Kingsport, TN.]
On our way toward Kingsport, TN

[Our gas stop in Staunton, VA.]
Taking a break at our Staunton, VA mandatory gas stop

[Stopping for gas in Kenly, NC.]
Stopping for gas in Kenly, NC

[Me at the end of the ride.] [Vicki at the end of the SS1000.]
We completed the ride and this is our last gas stop for a receipt to document the SaddleSore 1000!

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